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April 19, 2019

Light Tackle Fishing (fly & Spin) on Jump dem Bones Bermuda | About Jump dem Bones & Rates | Catches and Comments | How to Contact Us | Where to Stay & Other Links | Fishing Forums | Articles | | 10lb Bonefish Club | Previous Catches and Comments |

10lb Bonefish Club

This fish weighted 12lb

Alan - 10lb 15oz caught on fly 29th April 2001

Cary - 10lb 8oz caught on spin 1st June 2001

Stephen -10lb 4oz caught on fly 9th May 2002

James - 10lb Bone on fly caught 21st July 2002

Helmut -10lb caught on fly 5th November 2003

Steve - 10 1/4lb caught on fly 1st May 2005

Scott - 10lb caught on fly 21st June 2005

Alex - 10lb caught on fly 10th Spetember 2005

Peter - 10lb caught on fly 27th September 2005

Here is a comment that sums up our experience...

"It was a miracle that we landed that 10 LBer! I say we, because I couldn't have landed it without your help. The multiple reel screaming runs peeled off ALL the flyline and ALL of the backing. That was just the beginning. Then the line wouldnt reel in because the backing loop was hanging loosely on the arbor. Then the rod came apart in two. Then the fine backing got twisted & knotted around one of the guides. We tried to keep calm while we put the whole mess back together, peice by peice. We were running all over your boat. While all of this is going on, you had to keep powering forward for hundreds of yards to keep up with the fish. The 10 lber seemed to patiently wait (by not making anymore runs, or he was just gone). But finally we realized he was still on! For the second half of the fight, he still had plenty of life left in him, but we still eventually managed to land him. Unfortunately, though, I realized that I had forgotten my camera. Actually, this would have been great ESPN material and a video camera would have been better. Thanks again James, for the "Great Adventure". I shall return again.

Peter Lopipero
from Long Island, New York

P.S. Tell your visitors to bring plenty of backing they'll need it!

A bad day fishing still beats a good day working
Fishman's Saying